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Business Rebild is your one-stop shop for establishing or expanding your business in Rebild Municipality. We are here to help! 


Business Rebild is the business development centre of the Municipality of Rebild, located in Northern Jutland. Our principal duty is to support and counsel local entrepreneurs and established businesses in order to stimulate growth and development in the municipality. We do this by arranging and mediating contact between the local business community and regional stakeholders as well as various local, regional and national business services.

Are you thinking about starting a business in or expanding your business to Denmark? Our strategically located area can provide you and your business with a lucrative framework of operations, as well as act as a natural gateway to the rest of Scandinavia and continential Europe. 

Business Rebild exists to make it easier to start and grow a business in Rebild Municipality. One of the key features of this endeavour is our One-Stop Shop, which aims to ensure efficient cooperation between local businesses and the municipality. The One-Stop Shop does this by providing a single service point for various municipal services (e.g. building permits), business service as well as other other services and opportunities available for businesses.

In Rebild, senior consultant Jeppe Ingemann Lyng is the dedicated liaison for businesses in our One-Stop Shop. 

A wide variety of business services and offers are available to both local and foreign businesses and enterprises. For foreign businesses in particular, it can be difficult to navigate the numerous offers, rules and customs that exist in the Danish business environment, which may cause some fail to reach their full potential in Denmark. Our dedicated consultants can guide you through the intricacies of organising your business and help you succeed in the Danish market.


Discuss your options with us today, or read more about the Municipality of Rebild and Business Rebild on this site. 




Jane Bejlegaard Lindberg

Jane Bejlegaard Lindberg

Director, Business Rebild
+45 5082 5593

Consultant Simon Brøndum Jensen

Simon Brøndum Jensen

Business Consultant
+45 4177 6100

Consultant Birgitte Frost Larsen

Birgitte Frost Larsen

+45 2338 0517

Business Consultant Jeppe Ingemann Lyng

Jeppe Ingemann Lyng

Business Consultant
+45 4177 7251

Communications consultant Helle Kristine Kragh

Helle Kristine Kragh

+45 4177 6198