About Rebild

Rebild Municipality Town Hall
Welcome to Rebild Municipality! Here we provide a brief presentation of the municipality as well as the various services the municipality offers citizens in Rebild.

Welcome to Rebild

The Municipality of Rebild is located in the Northern Denmark, specifically in North Jutland. The municipality covers an area of 628 km² and is home to approximately 29,000 people, most of which appreciate the strong and diverse local communities of the various towns. 

We are a small municipality, but our size allows us to be especially efficient and dynamic in our role as local government. 

The core assets of Rebild Municipality are our excellent geographical location, our unique nature and our sound economy. Our geographical situation means that the few things we do not have ourselves are usually right around the corner.

Pair this prime position with excellent infrastructural connections, overall cheaper housing options compared to larger municipalities, as well as captivating nature and you have got some of the factors that make Rebild Municipality one of the most attractive places in Denmark to live and do business.

The overall responsibilities of the Municipality of Rebild include:

  • Children's day care services and kindergartens
  • Primary and lower-secondary schools for children and adolescents aged 7–17 
  • Libraries, local sports facilities, and other cultural activities 
  • Nursing homes, assisted living residences, and home care for the elderly
  • Administration of certain social benefits, such as payment of cash benefits and pensions 
  • Integration of refugees and immigrants 
  • Job activation and employment projects for the unemployed 
  • Public utilities, environmental measures, and emergency services

Contact us        

You can reach us by way of phone, e-mail or personal enquiry at the Citizen Service at Town Hall. 

Phone: (+45) 99 88 99 88

E-mail: raadhus@rebild.dk

Enquiry in person at the address: 

Rådhuset (Town Hall)
Hobrovej 110
9530 Støvring

Opening hours:

Monday–Wednesday:                     09.00-14.30
Thursday:                                      09.00-17.00
Friday:                                           09.00-13.30


Rebild Municipality in Denmark

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The red area marks the position of the Municipality of Rebild in Denmark.

The municipality is located on the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark, and covers an area of 628 km².