Doing Business in Rebild

Business Rebild
Business Rebild is the one-stop source for businesses seeking to relocate to Rebild and businesses wishing to expand their current operations here.

Growth and Development

This is our aim and motto. Our principal duty is to help local businesses achieve growth and development, and to this end we offer a range of expertise and services to help businesses flourish in Rebild Municipality.

We are your one-stop shop for business in Rebild Municipality. We offer our services free of charge, for example as advisors, sounding boards and guides for newly-hatched as well as well-established companies in Rebild Municipality. We are able to connect you to the right people, services and organisations straight away, so that you can fast track your road to success in one of the best places to do business in Denmark. 

The municipality offers a range of interesting and strategically placed commercial properties, a lot of which are sought-after sites situated right next to the E45 motorway.

The excellent infrastructure offers a lot of opportunities for businesses in our area. For example, it is wholly possible to operate an international business, as the area acts as a natural gateway to the rest of Scandinavia as well as Europe. Furthermore, we are close to vocational schools, the Aalborg University as well as University College North. Paired with the ease of transportation, it is uncomplicated to attract qualified staff to your business, as well as retrain existing personnel. 

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